Next Generation Cyber Defense Services

 Breach Investigation

Your reputation is on the line and forensics are slow. We provide accelerated identification and forensic guidance through Investigative Penetration Testing™.

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 Penetration Testing

Emerging Defense can identify critical vulnerabilities and resonate to management the true risk associated with possessing security exposures in your unique industry.

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 Threat Monitoring

We've combined our penetration testing skills and breach investigation experience to provide Blackbox, our overarching protection solution for small and medium size businesses.

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  73% of Organizations are Breached

We are experts in safeguarding information systems and can help you effectively manage risk and protect your business-critical data from threats unique to your business today and tomorrow.

Fighting Fire with Fire

Emerging Defense provides attacker-grade security services that proactively defend or reactively secure an organization in a quick and affordable manner. "Fighting Fire with Fire" describes our unique ability to provide protection through the application of the same tactics used by attackers targeting your organization today.

Security breaches demonstrate the ineffectiveness of conventional security controls and the mindset of organizations behind them. It is impossible for an organization to independently acquire and maintain the experienced threat intelligence required to defend tomorrow.

Emerging Defense services provide organizational exposure to:

  • Industry wide experience
  • Peer benchmarking
  • Applicable threat scenarios
  • Business impact consideration
  • Long term strategy recommendations
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