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Emerging Defense does not provide the same plethora of service offerings available from many boutique security firms. Despite the skill sets we possess and capability to do so, our service offerings are intentionally limited and focused on a finite area to ensure that our practitioners are experts in our offering fields. As a result, our Penetration Testing and Investigative Penetration Testing™ services provide the greatest priority and highest return on investment (ROI) in the security field.

All of our service offerings are derived from our core skill set as penetration testers. We believe that penetration testing is the most valuable skill set in security today and have therefore devised numerous successful offerings that apply our skills to provide proactive defense and reactive breach response. All services are customizable; please contact us.

 Investigative Penetration Testing™

Investigative Penetration Testing™ is a new form of breach assessment. IPT is designed to investigate and identify the source of a suspect security failure or breach through the use of penetration testing activities. Our proprietary model eliminates incident triage delay, saving time, your reputation, and the bottom line by providing forensic guidance and susceptible assets for analysis.

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 Penetration Testing

Penetration tests are performed with the intent of mirroring the exact capabilities of a true attacker targeting your business across multiple attack avenues (such as the Internet, internal network, wireless network, or mobile device). An Emerging Defense penetration assessment is designed to highlight priority exposures and demonstrate the business impact of possessing them.

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 Threat Monitoring

Our Blackbox monitoring service is a comprehensive security appliance and monitoring service designed to bring enterprise grade security and expert personnel to a small business environment. Blackbox monitors an entire business for intrusions, malware, or data leakage at an affordable monthly rate. Monitoring is customized to your unique business and provides continuous 24/7 protection with on-demand access to security experts.

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