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Securing an enterprise environment requires significant time and resources. Emerging Defense understands the role of and the need for enterprise security in terms of the business. Our objective is to identify vulnerabilities which put the business at risk and communicate them in a valuable manner.

 Impact Consideration

We tailor service offerings and deliverables to effectively highlight priority issues, to provide actionable results, and to demonstrate the bottom-line impact of possessing exposures to management. Emerging Defense performs all assessments with the intent of providing a proof of concept for an identified business risk. Our practitioners can fully demonstrate the impact of a vulnerability in a controlled manner to convey risk and provide tangible results in the form of a report and video demonstration.

  Industry Knowledge

Emerging Defense practitioners possess a rare blend of technical skills, IT operations, and a view of the big picture. Our blended industry and consulting background provides a hands-on understanding required to make practical and actionable enterprise recommendations to our customers. Emerging Defense guarantees consumable outputs for each assessment—if a recommendation does not fit your organization or industry, we do not make it.

 Peer Benchmarks

As a consultant, Emerging Defense has performed hundreds of assessments attacking and securing environments similar to yours. This experience provides a unique view unobtainable within the industry and is an added core value  from day one. We provide industry benchmarks and big picture guidance for your security program to ensure that you are on the right track to defend your organization along with and beyond your peers.


Do not be the low-hanging fruit of your industry—rise above your peers by engaging Emerging Defense.

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